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标题: 奖品呢? [打印本页]

作者: ☆依丩潋    时间: 2010-2-2 11:22     标题: 奖品呢?

作者: 0512junes    时间: 2010-5-11 20:15     标题: 很不错


个性签名: wedding dresses and beach wedding dresses
作者: 0512junes    时间: 2010-6-10 09:40     标题: 好文采


wedding dresses and beach wedding dresses
作者: jiankang951    时间: 2010-6-13 18:07     标题: 让孩子快乐自信的六大秘籍

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作者: jiankang951    时间: 2010-6-14 23:38     标题: 30岁的女人应该做什么?

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作者: mnop001    时间: 2010-6-28 11:16     标题: Metin2 points to begin playing

Metin2 points to begin playing

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Maple mesos

Most of the villagers were forced to fight in the war and died. If you right click on the NPCs, it shows a few options, and you can talk to the NPC by Clicking on 'talk' among those options. Most of the times, the NPC will provide you an advice or tell you a story of what goes around that area, however, you will find NPCs with above their head. That means that NPC is still in trouble and needs your help. Whether to help the NPC or not is your own decision. But you will be granted with rewards that can not be obtained by regular hunting. supply cheap metin2 yang ?ifreleri with fast delivery and safe trade , if you want to buy , come and have a look . You can see the list of the quests in progress by pressing J button on your keyboard. Here, you will find quest contents, rewards and objectives from NPC on the quest completion. The items you receive through the journey goes into the bag that you are carrying. You will receive more items as you go through the journey. You can sell those items to merchants, while your bag is full every time, you have to return to the village to sell them which can be very annoying. buy metin2 yang

This is where additional bag comes sooner or later. You can obtain an additional bag through a specific quest, and they can be bought from supplying merchants located in Capital Castle and starting village. Dofus Kamas

作者: cdef777    时间: 2010-6-28 11:41     标题: Thai Civil War

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作者: efgh946    时间: 2010-7-1 09:43     标题: 虫虫软件团购QQ群:95436752,全国统一电话:4006-021-680

作者: cdef777    时间: 2010-7-2 17:17     标题: Best Way to Make Money On Maplestory

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作者: mnop001    时间: 2010-7-2 21:31     标题: Cheapest price Metin2 yang

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